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François Jonquet

Forage, François Jonquet

François JonquetForage
François Jonquet


Hardcover (open spine)
Limited Edition of 500
120 pages
168 x 220 mm
ISBN 9786185479268


Forage the debut book by François Jonquet—a captivating collection of photographs that unveils a profound visual narrative spanning two decades. Through his lens, François captures the essence of everyday moments, evoking nostalgia and longing while inviting reflection on the transient beauty found in the ordinary. With an unspoken narrative weaving through its pages, the book gracefully emphasises the beauty found in this rich family diversity. Each image in  Forage offers a glimpse into a personal journey, transcending documentation to reveal a heartfelt exploration of the human experience. His photographs transport the reader to a realm where time stands still, where the mundane transforms into the extraordinary, and where the unspoken stories speak volumes. Forage captures the essence of everyday moments, infusing them with a raw and almost vernacular quality. The publication of his first book by Void marks a well-deserved milestone in the artist’s artistic journey.

About the Artist
François Jonquet is a French visual artist who dedicates himself to his artistic pursuits alongside his primary occupation. Additionally, he works as a general practitioner for the deaf community in the town of Bordeaux on the southwest coast of France. Forage, published by Void, is his debut book.

About the Publisher
Void is an independent publishing house dedicated to photography books and education. The project is driven by its founders Myrto Steirou and João Linneu. You might bump into Myrto, Void’s editor, at a book fair or festival in a far flung part of the globe, but you’ll usually find her in Greece, at their store in Athens. João, Void’s designer, is based in Reykjavík… it’s entirely possible that you may not meet him (in person at least). Void works with both established and up-and-coming artists, proudly fostering photographers’ debut books.

Void has collaborated with many international art institutions since we started, back in October 2016. In 2021 Void became one of Futures Photography’s members. Void is devoted to and passionate about the projects they undertake. In their books, you will find powerful stories and innovative design, melded together with fine and experimental material.