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Various Artists

Various Artists


56 pages
297 x 210 mm
ISBN Not Available


This is a programme of work from the international Talent Embassy Program at FOTODOK, Utrecht, wherein five chosen artists participated in a training programme and then travelled to Fotografia Europea in Reggio Emilia, Italy to share their work. This publication is a culmination of their work during the Talent Embassy. The participating artists included in this publication are Chris Becher, Emma van Dobben, Jesper Boot, Mark Rammers and Pippilotta Yerna.

About the Organisation
FOTODOK is an international space for documentary photography based in Utrecht. Since late 2008, it has brought urgent, underexposed, exciting, beautiful and socially engaged documentary stories to the attention of a broad local, national and global specialised public. It does this through a diverse programme of exhibitions, critical lectures and debates, education and international cooperation and exchange.