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Rinko Kawauchi

Utatane, Rinko Kawauchi

Utatane, Rinko KawauchiUtatane
Rinko Kawauchi
Little More
English, Japanese


64 pages
189 x 242 mm
ISBN 9784898150528


Carps, clouds, a curtain, a tire, fried eggs, a grandfather, a butterfly. These are the details of the everyday life that are too easily missed. Seen through the lens of Kawauchi’s camera however, the ordinary shines with patterns of light; even an ant transforms into a statement of style. This thoughtful debut photo book won awards for its graceful contemplation of mortality.

About the Artist
Rinko Kawauchi (b. 1972, Shiga) is a Japanese photographer. Her work is characterised by a serene, poetic style, depicting the ordinary moments in life.

About the Publisher
There is no information available about the publisher.