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Alice Rekab

Mehrfamilienhaus Alice Rekab

Alice RekabMehrfamilienhaus
Alice Rekab
English, German


Softcover, open binding
192 pages
160 x 230mm
ISBN 9783954765522


Alice Rekab studies the cultural and personal stories that are told about us as well as the ones we ourselves tell. Their own Irish-Sierra-Leonean identity anchors their reflections on family histories, the experiences of coming of age, and realities of life. A collaborative and interdisciplinary approach lets Rekab produce works spanning the domains of film, performance, image, and sculpture and create new narratives that employ the prisms of body, family, and nation to unfold questions of origin and biography.

About the Artist
Alice Rekab (b. Dublin, 1987) is a visual artist based in Dublin. Rekab’s practice is concerned with expressions and iterations of complex cultural and personal narratives and seeks to understand the complexities of mixed-race Irish identity, from a personal and familial perspective.

About the Publisher