Energy / 氣

Energy / 氣 Lee Gab Chui / 이갑철 The Museum of Photography Seoul English and Korean Text by Park Pyungjong   Softcover 111 pages 220 x 240 mm 2007 ISBN 9788995568484   This is Lee Gab Chui’s most recent work following ‘Collision and Recoil’. Energy clearly shows the changes wrought upon the artist as he… Continue reading Energy / 氣

Another Language

Another Language Mårten Lange MACK English Text by Aleksander von Humboldt   Hardcover 96 pages 140 x 210 mm 2012 ISBN 9781907946301   “A physical delineation of nature terminates at the point where the sphere of intellect begins, and a new world of mind is opened to our view. It marks the limit, but does… Continue reading Another Language

Three Knots

Three Knots Antti Laitinen Galleri Image English Text by Alla Räisänen   Softcover 24 pages 220 x 220 mm 2014 ISBN 9788799416882 Antti Laitinen is one of the most interesting contemporary artists in Finland. He has lived naked in a forest for days without food and water; he has attempted to split the sea, has reconstructed a… Continue reading Three Knots


Dutchscapes Jan Koster Episode Publishers English Text by Tijs van den Boomen, Eleonoor Jap Sam and Merel Bem   Softcover 96 pages 335 x 239 mm 2009 ISBN 9789059731066   Dutch landscape photographer Jan Koster first became known for his innovative river landscapes, for which he turned the camera 120 degrees around one point and… Continue reading Dutchscapes


Commonness Dieuwertje Komen Self-Published English Text by Martino Tattara   Softcover 32 pages and 8 page pull out 21 x 27 cm 2009 ISBN 9789490119072   This publication contains 20 photographs of Dieuwertje Komen. Komen has photographed five European cities over the years. The publication is made in a way that the photographs merge into… Continue reading Commonness

Bomber, A Chance Unwinding

Bomber, A Chance Unwinding Lewis Koch Text by Lewis Koch Softcover 40 pages 150 x 150 mm 2011   ‘Bomber, A Chance Unwinding’ bears witness to a remote mountaintop World War II bomber crash site, combining poetry and visual images collaged from archival film footage, maps, in situ color photographs and text. The book offers… Continue reading Bomber, A Chance Unwinding