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It Starts With Silence
Richard Gosnold

It Starts With Silence, Richard Gosnold

It Starts With Silence, Richard GosnoldIt Starts With Silence
Richard Gosnold
Kehrer Verlag

Texts by Méabh Ritchie, Seanín Graham, Henry McDonald, Peter Walker, Rory Campbell.


165 x 220 mm
142 pages
ISBN 9783969000229


It Starts With Silence is a poignant story, in which the artist takes the reader on a deeply personal journey, as he searches for under-standing and solace. It depicts his struggle to see beauty in the world, whilst knowing that he is powerless to help his wife and daughter. Richard Gosnold and his wife were told, at twenty weeks gestation, that their expected baby was fatally ill. If the baby survived birth, she would suffer terrible pain, until she stopped breathing. Abortion was illegal in Northern Ireland, so Denise was forced to carry the dying foetus and wait for the inevitable. Employing photography, texts and ephemera, Gosnold powerfully communicates the complexities of his emotional state, while he reflects on the loss of a child and lack of access to reproductive healthcare. It Starts With Silence was shortlisted for the Unseen Dummy Award in 2019.

About The Artist
Richard Gosnold is a photographic artist based in Northern Ireland. His practice is driven by a desire to examine the human condition.

About the Publisher
Founded in 1995, Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg Berlin specialises in books in the fields of photography, fine arts, and culture. Working together closely with international artists, authors, museums and cultural institutions, Kehrer Verlag creates its publications in alliance with Kehrer Design. 

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