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The Tragedy of Togetherness
Federico Gargaglione

The Tragedy of Togetherness, Federico Gargaglione

The Tragedy of Togetherness, Federico GargaglioneThe Tragedy of Togetherness
Federico Gargaglione


Hardcover, signed
Edition of 50
56 pages
135 x 215 mm
ISBN Not Available


The Tragedy of Togetherness is an extension of the artist’s previous publication Agorafobia, a quarantine book. Agorafobia was produced between March and May 2020, as the first quarantine happened.
That book embodied a series of photos taken from the window of the artist’s apartment. During that time, his window was a pleasant escape and it would function as a frame for a beautiful tree, which over this period, he grew very fond of. On the 27 of November 2020 (while the second wave of COVID was expected), he witnessed the killing of that tree. For some reason, that Gargaglione couldn’t comprehend at the time, they left the bottom trunk untouched.
Since that day his window was a forceful vision for loss, now framing a token of sadness and mourning. That tree was no longer a monument. Over the second wave of Covid, he began thinking a lot about the meaning of togetherness, both globally and personally. This publication is an outcome of this period of self isolation, and many photographs taken of the sacrificed tree.

About the Artist
Federico Gargaglione was born in Enna, Sicily. He developed an interest in photography while attending the high school for the Arts “Alessandro Caravillani” in Rome. He decided to deepen his passion for photography and attend the “Scuola Romana di Fotografia”. During this time he participated in the activities of a group of young artists from the Academy of Belle Arti of Rome. He lives and works in Berlin.
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