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One Branch at a Time
Pablo Marín García

One Branch at a Time Pablo Marín García

One Branch at a Time Pablo Marín GarcíaOne Branch at a Time
Pablo Marín García


Softcover, open binding
Edition of 10
18 pages
240 x 150 mm
ISBN Not Available


One Branch at a Time comprises a small collection of BW digital photographs taken around the area where Pablo Marín García lives; Phibsborough. They were made at the very high peak of COVID lockdown back in 2020 and printed back in his hometown, Valencia, almost 2 years later.

Although the timing and context isn’t necessarily important in the form and meaning of the photographs (especially for the viewer), it served as an excuse to explore the artist’s immediate surroundings in a different way that he used to do.

The photographs depict a place, an area, a territory that is unique but that feels familiar due to it’s similarities with other areas. They were made on casual walks were the artist focused on small, almost unnoticeable details of common objects that he used to pass by.

The sequence pays homage to the activity that he was doing while photographing: walk. The images are displayed in this sense, proposing a visual tour where the formal similarity of some photographs forces the viewer to see and reconsider things previously seen again and again. As the artist did while he walked.

The book starts and concludes with a glued plants that he took and archived while working on this series. Each plant is different which makes every copy a different one. A thing that echoes the walks and the act of seeing and contemplating; the intention is the same (walk, see, photograph… etc.) but what we notice and what we bring back is different everyday.

About the Artist
Pablo Marín García is a Spanish photographer from Valencia. He is currently based in Dublin.
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