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Magazine from Kaunas ‘Į’ #5
City and Nature

Magazine from Kaunas ‘Į’ #5: City and Nature

Magazine from Kaunas ‘Į’ #5: City and NatureMagazine from Kaunas ‘Į’ #5: City and Nature
Various Artists
Kaunas Photography Gallery
Lithuanian, English


Edition of 750
228 pages
220 x 330 mm
ISBN 978609809938


The fifth issue of the Į magazine goes out into nature. Half-feral and half-tamed, slightly feathered and a bit furry, extending both under and above the surface, rooted and covered with foliage, it takes you for a walk around Kaunas and beyond. The pages are filled with words about the nature that once was, and the hopes related to the environments to come. The thread of chronology runs through the problems and connects them; the passage of time also allows us to make conclusions. How difficult is it to learn and change along with time?

About the Publisher
The Kaunas Photography Gallery extends the long publishing tradition in Lithuania, and now not only concentrates on simply presenting photographers, but also on continuing research into Lithuanian photography. Thanks to its successful publishing activities, Lithuanian photography is winning greater recognition than ever before. It is gradually becoming more acknowledged on the international scene, and is featured at major international photography book events.

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