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A Garden
John S. Webb

A Garden, John S. Webb

A Garden, John S. WebbA Garden
John S. Webb
Nya Vyer

Text by Tony Lopez.


64 pages
210 x 150 mm
ISBN 978919806662030


‘The first time I remember being in a garden I was sitting alone, digging in the dirt, at the back of our house in Clapham; I recall it as being very tranquil. Central London was quieter in the fifties, with fewer planes and cars. There were carpenters and builders who shared premises that adjoined our little strip of land. I would hear them, as they came and went, but it was peaceful and secluded enough for me to merge into the mini landscape I had made, whilst playing with my soldiers and trucks.’ – John S. Webb on A Garden.

About the Artist
John S. Webb (b. 1950) is a London born photographer based in Sweden.

About the Publisher
Nya Vyer, founded in 1996, is both a publisher and distributor of books, specialising in photography, but also art and culture.
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