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Terra Borealis
Marco Paoluzzo

Terra Borealis, Marco Paoluzzo

Terra Borealis, Marco PaoluzzoTerra Borealis
Marco Paoluzzo
English, French and German

Text by Pierre Rouyer


First Edition
192 pages
300 x 235 mm
ISBN 9783716516386


In 1991 the Swiss photographer Marco Paoluzzo discovered Iceland, its dramatic light conditions and impressive sceneries. Mesmerized by the mysterious north, he would gradually expand his travels to include Norway, the Faroe Islands and even Greenland. That triggered his idea to combine the isles and countries in the 60th parallel north into a photo collection. Therefore “Terra Borealis” contains photographs that were taken on Iceland, the Faroe Islands, the Shetlands, Norway, Greenland and Svalbard. The book offers an enchanting and magical journey in black-and-white.

About the Artist 
Photographer Marco Paoluzzo first became interested in China decades ago, yet the passionate world traveler refused to visit the country for political reasons until 1998. At that time two friends invited him to collaborate on a book about Shanghai. He was quickly fascinated by the land, and it was here that he met Feifei, now his wife. He has returned to China almost every year since then, and each time he has made new discoveries. This book is the fruit of numerous exploratory journeys that he has randomly taken through the countryside. It is the photographer’s personal travel log, documenting China’s leap from the Maoist era into the 21st century and capturing life in China in all its simultaneous complexity and simplicity.

About the Publisher 
A major focus of publishing is the promotion of Swiss artistic work. Therefore, every year significant monographs and artists books of renowned Swiss artists form part of the program. Furthermore, the scene of young artists has become more and more central creating an exciting counterpoint to the traditional art world.

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