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Rockfalls and Ponds
Jem Southam

Rockfalls and Ponds, Jem Southam

Rockfalls and Ponds, Jem SouthamRockfalls and Ponds
Jem Southam
La Fabrica
Spanish, English


65 pages
300 x 240 mm
ISBN 9788489884953


The book Rockfalls and Ponds focuses on two fundamental themes in Southam’s photography. The images from Rockfalls are of coastal zones, the geographical line that divides the land and the sea. In turn, the images in Ponds taken a different understanding, which is clearly much more horizontal and placid.
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About the Artist
Jem Southam (b. 1950, Bristol) is one of the UK’s leading photographers. He is renowned for his series of colour landscape photographs, beginning in the 1970s and continuing until the present.
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About the Publisher
La Fabrica is the publishing area of La Fabrica, a private company of cultural management. They publish books and magazines focused on photography, art and literature as well as making books on behalf of private companies and public institutions.

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