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The Earth: Issue 003

The Earth Issue 003: Manifesto

The Earth Issue 003: ManifestoManifesto
The Earth: Issue 003
The Earth Issue

Edited by Maela Ohana and Elena Cremona


204 pages
210 x 300 mm
ISSN Not Available


Issue 003: Manifesto takes direct inspiration from artists, writers and other creatives who have, to one extent or another, authentically aligned their environmentalism and their creative practice. It looks at ways in which day to day actions can be sustainable, joyful, and in-line with one’s craft.

Collaborators of this issue include Alex Bateman, Alisa Tanaka-King, Charlotte Ellis, Chiara Zonca, Christi York, Dennis DeHart, Elena Cremona, Elizabeth Fleur Willis, Ellie Irons, Hannah Rowan, Isabelle Landicho, Jayne Goldheart, Leah Abraham, Madeline Cass, Maela Ohana, Maria Montiel, Marga Karayol ,Martin Gisborne, May Hands, Megan Mericle, Mia Middleton, Michaela Altweger, Mira Loew, Molly Tucker, Nyima Ohana, Ofer Gensler, Priyanka Shah, Sheena Swirlz, Simrit Malhi, Sophia Nicolov, Stanislas Motz, and Tanya Houghton.

About the Collective
The Earth Issue is a collective of artists and creative professionals working at the intersection of fine art and environmentalism.

About the Editors
Maela Ohana is an artist and independent curator living  in Montreal, Canada. She is the founder and director of Archive Contemporary art gallery,  Archive Collective Magazine; and co-founder of The Earth Issue, a collective of artists positioned at the intersection of visual art and environmentalism.

Elena Cremona (b. 1991) is a Creative Director, Artist and Photographer.

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