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The Meteorite Hunter, Alexandra LethbridgePhotobooks

The Meteorite Hunter

The Meteorite Hunter Alexandra Lethbridge Self- Published English   Softback, Japanese binding 104 pages 177 x 228 mm 2014 ISBN 9780993139413   The Meteorite Hunter is an archive of a…
Latent Bloom, Jack LathamPhotobooks

Latent Bloom

Latent Bloom Jack Latham Here Press Co- Published with Images Vevey English   Softcover Includes a unique signed 85 x 85 mm print 125 pages 100 x 180 mm 2020…
Before Dawn, Espen KrukhaugPhotobooks

Before Dawn

Before Dawn Espen R. Krukhaug Einer Books English Text by Philip Chevron   Hardcover 195 x 300 mm 80 pages 2008 ISBN 9788299788205   'The project Before Dawn began in…