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Chance Encounters in the Valley of Lights
Rik Moran

Chance ENcounters

Chance ENcountersChance Encounters in the Valley of Lights
Rik Moran


Edition of 650.
128 Pages
203 x 254mm
ISBN 9781916412163


Chance Encounters in the Valley of Lights tells the story of an unsolved extraterrestrial case from 1980s Todmorden, West Yorkshire. Photographer Rik Moran combines original imagery with never-before-seen archival material to investigate the possible alien abduction of PC Alan Godfrey. In illuminating one of small-town England’s most unlikely protagonists, Chance Encounters unearths another other-worldly mystery along the way.

About the Artist
Rik Moran is a UK born, New York based, photographer focused on environments and spaces, the memories that inhabit them, and the residual stories and emotions left behind. He’s studied at Central Saint Martins in London, alongside a lengthy career in design and branding.

His work has been featured in The Guardian, Dazed, Creative Review, Port magazine, and Umbrella magazine amongst others, and he has published a series of photobooks under the Flâneurism imprint since 2014.

About the Publisher
CentreCentre create limited edition books from unexpected collections, projects and archives. They work from the outside in, striving to have the invisible seen and the forgotten found. They believe in taking inspiration from the mundane and the overlooked.

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