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Robin Maddock

III, Robin Maddock

III, Robin MaddockIII
Robin Maddock
Trolley Books


96 pages
170 x 250 mm
ISBN 9781907112485


British photographer Robin Maddock’s third book, entitled ‘III’, incorporates three subjects, shot in three cities in the United States. Shot entirely in black and white, the three monochrome subjects take centre stage; a solitary floating sheet of paper, spilt milk, and a ping-pong ball, dropped casually onto sun-bathed sidewalks. ‘III’ is part homage to 20th Century American photography, part response to a country already saturated in documentary images, and a visual history well known to us from the ether of both high and low culture. These 64 photographs, a pictorial riddle of small interventions, are an attempt to leave this tradition in some small way. Previously known for his colour documentary photography in Britain, ‘III’ might seem an unusual departure for Maddock. Yet this book is a continuation of his solitary walking, and search for simple, quotidian illuminations. ‘III’ reflects a new freedom from a responsibility to represent social specifics. We are invited to see the three elements of traditional reportage; time, subject and place, in playful, vertiginous free fall.

About the Artist
Robin Maddock is an English photographer and artist. Maddock has a personal approach to documentary photography – with subjective, opinionated projects about things/places/times that he feels are both important and exciting to work with.  Through photographing the people, scenarios, built environments  and  their objects, he shows something of the collective states of minds of people that inhabit these places. He currently resides in the South of France.

About the Publisher
Trolley Books is an independent UK publisher, specialising in art and photography books. Areas covered by Trolley include social reportage, photojournalism/current affairs and contemporary art and architecture.

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