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Feel Me, I’m Here With You
Jordan Hearns

Feel Me, I'm Here With You, Jordan Hearns

Feel Me, I'm Here With You, Jordan HearnsFeel Me, I’m Here With You
Jordan Hearns
SMUT Press


Edition of 80
20 pages
210 x 150 mm
ISBN Not available


The second release in SMUT’S printed matter series, ‘Feel Me, I’m Here With You’ is a romantic chronicle composed of recent photographic works produced over the past twelve months, shot between London, Dublin and Paris. A deeply personal work, this project sees Jordan examine a burgeoning relationship, and serves as a new avenue for his work, one that explores his sense of self, his recent lived experience and newfound locale(s).⁣⁣⁣

About the Artists
Jordan Hearns (b. Laois, 1995) is a socially engaged Irish artist. His practice explores the significance of spaces as vessels for individualism and expression, explored within the contexts of time, memory and ephemerality. His photographic works document transient street flowers, short-lived clubbing spaces and underground clubbing/queer communities. In his most recent work he combines mixed media, moving image and audio curation, as well as a series of artist editioned publications.

About the Publisher
SMUT Press is a print press collective spotlighting queer talent based between Dublin and London. The aim of SMUT Press is to spotlight and commission queer talent to produce printed matter, as well as a music mix series.

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