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Before Dawn, Espen Krukhaug

Before Dawn, Espen KrukhaugBefore Dawn
Espen R. Krukhaug
Einer Books

Text by Philip Chevron


195 x 300 mm
80 pages
ISBN 9788299788205


‘The project Before Dawn began in the last months of 2004. During this project, I have explored night time and the insomnia and solitary aspects that comes with it.
I have always had a natural attraction towards the quiet moments of night time. These neglected moments hold so much beauty that people take for granted during daytime. Everyday life contains a well known stress-factor that brings us from a to b. But nocturnal shades throw a different light. With so much light-pollution in the cities, it will never be fully dark. But still, these colors and shades are sources for incredible colors in my work.’
The images are taken in China, England, Norway, Russia, Scotland and USA
Additionally to the book, the music CD is attached. Music by Orangedark

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