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Vatersay 1985
Paul Glazier

Vatersay 1985

Vatersay 1985Vatersay 1985
Paul Glazier
Café Royal Books

Edited by Craig Atkinson.


Edition of 250
36 Pages
140 x 200 mm
ISBN Not Available


Vatersay is the southernmost and westernmost inhabited island in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Irregularly shaped and comprising two rocky islands, it’s about three miles long from north to south and has a population of around 90 people. It’s absent of any trees and instead offers a blunt and rugged landscape of beaches and stone. It’s rural Scottish land at its finest.

“Arriving there from the claustrophobic suburbs of London felt like a homecoming to me,” says Paul Glazier, a photographer who’s been visiting the island since the age of 12 in 1978. The heavily contrasting landscape of Vatersay is what caught Paul’s eye quite dramatically, and after his first visit he wanted to make sure to return as many times as possible – be it during the school holidays, Christmas, Easter or summer. Then, while attending art school, it was habitual for Paul to turn his head towards the island as his subject – a place that would have a hold of his heart for many years to come. “I’ve continued to return to the island ever since and have always had my camera with me,” he tells It’s Nice That. “Over the years, I have taken so many photos that, at a certain point, it just seemed natural to start developing the idea of a book.”

About the Artist
Paul Glazier studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths College in London and is now living and working in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He works with many media ranging from photography and moving images to painting and sound. In recent years he has collaborated with various performance artists and musicians, exploring ways to combine these different facets of his practice.

About the Publisher
Café Royal Books (founded 2005) is an independent publisher based in Southport, England. Originally set up as a way to disseminate art, in multiple, affordably, quickly, and internationally while not relying on ‘the gallery’. Café Royal Books publishes artist’s books and zines as well as a weekly series of photobook/zines. The photographic publications are part of a long ongoing series, generally working with photographers and their archives, to publish work, which usually falls into 1970–2000 UK documentary / reportage.