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Latent Bloom

Latent Bloom, Jack Latham

Latent Bloom, Jack LathamLatent Bloom
Jack Latham
Here Press
Co- Published with Images Vevey


Includes a unique signed 85 x 85 mm print
125 pages
100 x 180 mm
ISBN 9781999349455


‘Latent Bloom’ attempts to visualise the organic nature of algorithms and how they morph and adapt depending on their input.
Jack Latham inputted photographs of flowers which he had collected during lockdown into an algorithm. The algorithm then performed a process of ‘unsupervised deep-learning’ in order to identify and reimagine details from these images in order to generate something new.
Well-known critical writing on photography was also inputted into the algorithm, enabling it to produce re-imaginings of art philosophy.
These texts, together with the images of flowers, form a book that is generated entirely by an entity that cannot see nor fathom what it is that it is producing.

About the Artist

About the Publisher
Here Press is an independent publisher dedicated to exploring how photography can be used to tell stories in book form. It was founded in 2011 by Harry Hardie and Ben Weaver.


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