Please Look After This Song / 이 노래를 부탁해

Please Look After This Song / 이 노래를 부탁해 Lee Jae Kak / 이재각 Self Published English and Korean   Softcover 60 pages 360 x 290 mm 2009 ISBN Not Available   ‘The 765,000v super high voltage pylon through the mountains and fields of Mil-yang to send electricity generated from new Go-ri nuclear plant to… Continue reading Please Look After This Song / 이 노래를 부탁해


Dutchscapes Jan Koster Episode Publishers English Text by Tijs van den Boomen, Eleonoor Jap Sam and Merel Bem   Softcover 96 pages 335 x 239 mm 2009 ISBN 9789059731066   Dutch landscape photographer Jan Koster first became known for his innovative river landscapes, for which he turned the camera 120 degrees around one point and… Continue reading Dutchscapes


Commonness Dieuwertje Komen Self-Published English Text by Martino Tattara   Softcover 32 pages and 8 page pull out 21 x 27 cm 2009 ISBN 9789490119072   This publication contains 20 photographs of Dieuwertje Komen. Komen has photographed five European cities over the years. The publication is made in a way that the photographs merge into… Continue reading Commonness


Ertussenuit Sjoerd Knibbeler The Eriskay Connection Dutch Text by Herman Koch   Softcover, swiss bound 40 pages 195 x 245 mm 2009 ISBN 9789081427616   The word ‘Ertussenuit’ has no direct English translation. It is a phrase that roughly means: ‘a day out’. And so we go, out for the day, with Sjoerd Knibbeler as… Continue reading Ertussenuit