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Sarajevo 1992-2008
Gervasio Sánchez

Sarajevo 1992-2008, Gervasio Sánchez

Sarajevo 1992-2008, Gervasio SánchezSarajevo 1992-2008
Gervasio Sánchez


96 pages
235 x 165 mm
ISBN 9788498013825


This photobook contains Gervasio Sánchez’s photographs of Sarajevo from two periods – from its siege in 1992 alongside Sarajevo in 2008. Sánchez’s photographs depict the stark reality of the displacement and ethnic cleansing that occurred during the Bosnian War and the effect it has had on following generations in Sarajevo 1992-2008.

About the Artist
Gervasio Sanchez (b. 1959) is a Spanish documentary photographer. His primary bodies of work have come from photojournalism in his documentation of the Gulf War and fragmentation of Yugoslavia resulting in the Bosnian War.

About the Publisher
Blume is a Spanish publisher based in Barcelona which has been running for over fifty years. Their published works range from topics like ecology, nature, art, history, architecture, health, natural life, gastronomy, oenology, travel and sports, to children’s and youth books, that is, an editorial catalog that includes, in some way way, all areas of life that can be known through the language of texts and images.

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