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heim suche 95-05/08
Joachim Richau

heim suche 95-05/08, Joachim Richau

heim suche 95-05/08, Joachim Richau heim suche 95-05/08
Joachim Richau
ex pose verlag


52 Pages
260 x 188 mm
ISBN 9783925935589


This photobook portrays the extraordinary vision of the photograph; a ghost story. Joachim Richau almost depicts a self-portrait of countries, cities and landscapes. The pictures do not reflect the places where they were taken, but the relationship that the artist had with them. Joachim Richau’s perception is haunting and emblematic, and the fact that the photographer inspired himself from his exciting life makes every picture unpredictably fantastic. Richau mainly depicts large spaces with transparent, unrecognisable layers of black patterns. His way of composing narrative opens up for a profound, powerful and dynamic dialogue.

About the Artist
Joachim Richau (b. 1952) is a German photographer who turned to photography in the 1970s after training as a bricklayer. He has worked as a freelance photographer since 1983, and in recent years he has focused on issues of space and structure within the landscape. He resides between Berlin and Altkünkendorf.

About the Publisher
ex pose verlag was established in Westberlin in 1986. They publish contemporary photographic work  especially focused on Eastern Europe.

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