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Aoife Desmond, Seoidín O’Sullivan

Trespass, Aoife Desmon and Seoidín O'Sullivan

Trespass, Aoife Desmon and Seoidín O'SullivanTrespass
Aoife Desmond, Seoidín O’Sullivan

Drawings by Gillian Kane.


131 pages
295 x 205 mm
ISBN 9780955428135


Trespass was a collaborative project that engaged research and action with forgotten urban space, abandoned landscapes and sites under transformation within Dublin City. Trespass was a response to neglected green sites in the city, overlooked and rendered ecologically diverse. Over a period of four years, Aoife Desmond and Seoidín O’Sullivan worked with several sites in Dublin City. Methods of intervention in these sites included film, photography, sound and live performance. This investigative art project combined social research with poetic action.
(source: introduction)

About the Artists
Aoife Desmond is an Irish visual artist working in an interdisciplinary way combining film, sculptural installation, drawing and performance. The content of her work can be stated simply, as a continual re-asking of the question ‘What is the human relationship to nature?’ Though  she emphasises the aesthetic potential within seemingly everyday situations, there is a critical questioning which hinges on the radical position necessary to have an unfettered relationship to nature.

Seoidín O’Sullivan is a contemporary artist and educator who grew up in Zambia. Her art projects are collaborative and focus on people joining together in action to protect or develop an aspect of their local commons. Her practice supports sustainable models within various ecological contexts and addresses issues of land use, lost knowledge, social justice and biodiversity. Creative out put includes drawings, video, publications, walks  and pedagogical exchange.

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