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Las Muertes Chiquitas
Mireia Sallarès

Las Muertes Chiquitas, Mireia Sallares

Las Muertes Chiquitas, Mireia SallaresLas Muertes Chiquitas
Mireia Sallarès


324 pages
165 x 235 mm
ISBN 9788498013962


A compilation of interviews with thirty different women living in Mexico and with which the author has a conversation about the history of her life around the issues raised. They are women of all ages, status, professions and different places of residence in Mexico. Sallarès particularly pays attention to the female orgasm, which in a Mexican expression is referred to as a ‘little death’, from which the title Las Muertes Chiquitas (The Little Deaths) takes its name. Women of all kinds are included in this project – refugees, sex workers, queer and trans women, indigenous and many more.

About the Artist
Mireia Sallarès (b. 1973) is a Catalan artist and filmmaker based in Barcelona.

About the Publisher
BLUME is a Spanish publisher based in Barcelona which has been running for over fifty years. Their published works range from topics like ecology, nature, art, history, architecture, health, natural life, gastronomy, oenology, travel and sports, to children’s and youth books, that is, an editorial catalog that includes, in some way way, all areas of life that can be known through the language of texts and images.

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