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Dutchscapes Jan Koster

Dutchscapes, Jan Koster

Dutchscapes, Jan KosterDutchscapes
Jan Koster
Episode Publishers

Text by Tijs van den Boomen, Eleonoor Jap Sam and Merel Bem.


96 pages
335 x 239 mm
ISBN 9789059731066


Dutch landscape photographer Jan Koster first became known for his innovative river landscapes, for which he turned the camera 120 degrees around one point and created stunning panoramic scenes. For the new work featured in Dutchscapes, Koster abandoned the panoramic format, systematically covering the Dutch coastline in single mammoth images, documenting the dunes, sea, and dikes. The end result of this lengthy foray along the Dutch coast is an overwhelmingly serene and visually spacious series of photographs. As quoted by art historian, Merel Bem, Koster’s monumental photographs should be viewed not only in photographic terms but also as an extension of the Dutch landscape painting tradition.

About the Artist
Jan Koster is a Dutch photographer born in 1959 in The Netherlands. He works in landscape, focussing primarily on Dutch coastal landscape as seen in this photobook.

About the Publisher
Episode Publishers is an independent publishing house based in Rotterdam that initiates, produces and distributes special books in the field of contemporary art and photography.

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