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Sawdust Mountain
Eirik Johnson

Sawdust Mountain Eirik Johnson

Sawdust Mountain Eirik JohnsonSawdust Mountain
Eirik Johnson
Co published by Henry Art Gallery

144 pages
285 x 285 mm
ISBN 9781597110914


A culmination of four years photographing throughout Oregon, Washington and Northern California, “Sawdust Mountain” focuses on the tenuous relationship between industries reliant upon natural resources and the communities they support. Timber and salmon are the bedrock of a regional Northwest identity, but the environmental impact of these declining industries has been increasingly at odds with the contemporary ideal of sustainability. “In his moving group portrait of a community of loggers and fisherman in the Pacific Northwest, Mr. Johnson, a native son, documents the precariousness of life in this corner of America. At the same time, his photographs capture the defiance of those who have made certain choices–rural solitude instead of an urban economy–and are content (or not) with that bargain.” — Richard B. Woodward –Wall Street Journal.

About the Artist 
Photographic artist Eirik Johnson (b. 1974) makes work examining the intersections of contemporary environmental, social, and economic issues both in America and abroad. Employing various modes of presentation from photobooks to experiential photo and sound-based installation, Johnson’s photographic projects explore the marks and connections formed in the friction of this complicated relationship. Johnson received his BFA and BA from the University of Washington, Seattle.

About the Publisher
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