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Blow Up / Utopia
Seung Woo Back

Blow up / Utopia

Blow up / UtopiaBlow up / Utopia
Seung Woo Back (백성우)
English and Korean


Edition 677 of 1000.
36 pages
510 x 370 mmTal
ISBN Not Available



This book combines one of his best series “Blow up” together with “Utopia” printed in a tabloid-type newspaper. Revealing a veiled image of North Korea, he will question us once again what is real or unreal in our everyday life.

About the Artist
Born in 1973 in Daejeon, Korea, Back studied photography in Korea. In 2001, He moved to London and later received degrees in Fine Art and Theory. His works question the unquestioned qualities of photography, such as objectivity, directness, and universality.  He has been creating works that capture the space between the real and unreal, as well as the untold and invisible stories hidden around photographic images. His representative works include Real World (2004-2006, 2006-2008), Blow Up (2005-2007) and Utopia (2008-2011), Seven Days (2010-2011), Archive Project (2011), Memento (2011), Re-Establishing Shot (2012) and 18 buildings (2013).

About the Publisher 
Since its foundation in 2007, Iann has organised a variety of projects ranging from the publication of the contemporary art photography magazine to curating exhibitions, publishing books, and running educational programs.

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