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Lux, Krister HägglundPhotobooks

Krister Hägglund

Lux Krister Hägglund Journal Swedish and English Afterword by Thomas Tidholm.   Hardcover 148 Pages 185 x 250mm 2020 ISBN 9789187939570   “It started when I began walking to work…
Caravan, Rikard LavingPhotobooks


Caravan Rikard Laving Journal Edited by Gösta Flemming Swedish and English   Hardcover 96 pages 210 x 300 mm 2007 ISBN 9789197696661   Most people have memories or associations with…
Steel Work City, Rikard LavingPhotobooks

Steel Work City

Steel Work City Rikard Laving Journal English and Swedish Hardcover 104 pages 210 x 260 mm 2012 ISBN 9189197887670   Through muted colours and sombre depictions, photographer Rikard Laving documents…
Abstract Dialogue, Rikard LavingPhotobooks

Abstract Dialogue

Abstract Dialogue Rickard Laving Blackbook Publications English   Softcover 44 pages 210 x 270 mm 2018 ISBN 9789198255546   The book contains abstract photograms made using only light, time and…
Another Language, Martin LangePhotobooks

Another Language

Another Language Mårten Lange MACK English Text by Aleksander von Humboldt   Hardcover 96 pages 140 x 210 mm 2012 ISBN 9781907946301   "A physical delineation of nature terminates at…