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Issue 12
YET Magazine

YET Magazine, Issue 12

YET Magazine, Issue 12YET Magazine
Issue 12


Softcover, thread binding
304 pages
225 x 300 mm
ISSN 2296-407X


The twelfth issue of YET Magazine devotes itself to the passionate world of Photography Publishing. Serving as a multi-faceted guide, its editorial structure ventures through the lifecycle of a publication; from an idea’s first spark to its final distribution. Simultaneously YET presents the work and voices of this global community; artists, editors, curators, designers, collectors, publishers and printers explore urgent issues related to sustainability, securing funds, the current market, digital tensions and much more. Presented alongside twelve beautifully composed artist portfolios, YET issue 12: What We Have Learnt About Publishing is a decisive publication for the novice and expert alike.

In this issue they present the work of Batia Suter, Peter Puklus, Paolo Cirio, Maya Rochat, Ruth Van Beek, Katja Stuke, Masashi Mihotani, Eline Benjaminsen, Valeria Cherchi, Alina Frieske, Erik van der Weijde, Laia Abril, Charles Negre, Flurina Rothenberger / NICE Magazine and Małgorzata Stankiewicz.

About the Magazine
YET magazine is a Swiss photography publication devoted to contemporary international photography. Our aim is to feature several different styles of photography, without any restriction in genre, medium, or theme. We showcase both emerging and well-known international photographers – our work is basically characterised by the quality of the submitted project, from its concept to the shoot, up to the final editing. Since it has been produced and managed by people operating in the photographic sector, YET wants to show “the image” from other perspectives, starting from the photography itself.

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