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Det Som Blir Kvar
Emanuel Cederqvist

Det Som Blir Kvar Emanuel CederqvistDet Som Blir Kvar
Emanuel Cederqvist
Blackbook Publications


48 pages
215 x 265 mm
ISBN 9789197831796


‘I have been a photographer for real estate agents in Gothenburg since 2009. The homes I visit are often clean, styled and all the personal belongings are removed. Nevertheless, what is private is still clearly visible. There are many different reasons why a house is sold. Often it is because someone’s life situation has changed radically. Separations, births or death.’


About the Artist
Emanuel Cederqvist (b.Kalmar, Sweden 1983). Lives and works as an artist and photographer in Gothenburg. Member of the artist/publisher collective Blackbook Publications.


About the Publisher
BlackBook Publications is an artist book collective, established in Gothenburg in 2009. Since the start, we have published books and other printed material by interesting artists from the Scandinavia scene of contemporary photography.

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