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On the Threshold
Johan Sundgren

On The Threshold, Johan Sundgren

On The Threshold, Johan SundgrenOn the Threshold
Johan Sundgren
English, Turkish and Swedish.


100 Pages
140 x 190 mm
ISBN 9789187939457


I think of the shop keeper who pointed out the bullet holes in the wall by his small souvenir shop at Atatürk airport where terrorists had shot dead 48 people. And the taxi driver who showed me pictures on his mobile phone of his colleagues shattered taxi, from the same terrorist attack. 2012-17 was a turbulent and violent period in Istanbul and it permeates On The Threshold. An awareness of the unpredictable violence and vulnerability was constantly present on the tram, in the queue for the bus, and as I walked around in the city. I felt a kind of expectant irritation and inner anxiety within the streets fluttering glances. In Denmark, we have a long and strong tradition of socially engaged documentary photography, and judging from a string of new photo books, it is still a significant driving force for many Danish photographers to portray everyday life in a melancholic moltone, two homeless and socially disadvantaged in Copenhagen, and two whose multicoloured photos do not depict people, but how do they live in “outlying Denmark” they produce photo books, then they also gather some of the considerations that documentary photography always carries with it. about photography between participation, compassion, commitment and – at the other end of the scale – exoticization, aestheticization, distance. should we feel or understand? what can the photograph tell that the words cannot?

About the Artist
Johan Sundgren (b. 1969, Upplands Väsby, Sweden) studied in 1998, Centro de la Imagen, Documentary projects, Mexico City. He has exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions and published a number of photobooks.

About the Publisher
Journal was founded by Gösta Flemming in 1991 with the aim to publish photo books. They are based in Sweden.

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