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Anna: Amerikan Mummu
Nina Korhonen

Anna: Amerikan Mummu, Nina Korhonen

Anna: Amerikan Mummu, Nina KorhonenAnna: Amerikan Mummu
Nina Korhonen
English, Swedish, French

Edition of 20
104 pages
ISBN 9789197489409


Memories form an important element in Nina Korhonen’s biographically motivated series of photographs. Starting from found colour snapshots of her grandfather, she develops her own history taken from the world of the “American way of life” at which in the centre is her grandmother who emigrated to the U.S. in 1959. In large format colour photographs a dialogue is created between two women from different generations. Nina Korhonens exhibition is a story about her grandmother Anna who alone emigrated to U.S.A in 1959. She was 40 years old, had just lost her job, and there were bad times in Finland. It was now time to make real the childhood dream of the ‘Wonderland’ America. More than 30 years later the photographer follows her grandmothers everyday life during a period of seven years. The photographs are close to everyday life, sensual and warm -with a lot of humour. Winner of ‘Best Photobook 2004’ in Sweden.

About the artist
Nina Korhonen, born 1961 in Tampere , Finland , since 1981 living in Stockholm , is a photographer . Korhonen studied at the Nordic Photo School Bishop-Arnö 1987-1990.

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