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Border Inspection 2021
Adrian Øhrn Johansen

Adrian Øhrn Johansen: Grenseeksaminasjon / Gränsundersökning / Border Inspection 2021

Adrian Øhrn Johansen: Grenseeksaminasjon / Gränsundersökning / Border Inspection 2021Border Inspection 2021
Adrian Øhrn Johansen
Norwegian, Swedish and English.

Text by Adrian Øhrn Johansen and Odd Inge Skjævesland.


Softcover in Slipcase
108 Pages
205 x 325 mm
ISBN 9789187939600


During the coronavirus pandemic in the winter of 2021, photographer Adrian Øhrn Johansen traveled along the border between Norway and Sweden to document closed crossings. The 1,630 kilometers long border has remained unchanged since 1751 and is the oldest and longest between two countries in Europe. In the book’s afterword, journalist and author Odd Inge Skjævesland puts the border in an historical context.

About the Artist
Adrian Øhrn Johansen is a photographer born and based at Hvaler in Norway. Johansen graduated photojournalism studies at Oslo University College in 2007. Johansen’s work has appeared in a majority of the largest Scandinavian newspapers, and in international publications such as The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Sunday Times Magazine, M Le Monde Magazine, Stern and Paris Match. Johansen has been awarded numerous times in the Norwegian picture of the year contest, and was awarded The Great Journalist Award (Den store journalist in 2012, one of the highest honors of journalistic achievement in Norway. Johansen was nominated for the Joop Swart Masterclass in 2017 and 2018, and PDN 30 to watch in 2010 and 2012. Johansen’s multimedia productions made in the wake of the terrorist attacks on the island Utøya in Norway in 2011 was shortlisted in two categories at The Webby Awards 2012.

About the Publisher
Journal was founded by Gösta Flemming in 1991 with the aim to publish photo books. They are based in Sweden.

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