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La Résidence
JH Engström

La Résidence
JH Engström
English, French, Swedish


180 Pages
184 x 248 mm
ISBN 9197762555


The pictures in this book came about during two separate stays in Brussels, arranged by the Contretype photo center, one in the summer of 2003, the other in the spring of 2006. The conception of an artist sojourn at the Espace Photographique Contretype could be defined as follows: The objective of this grant is twofold. In part, the idea is to offer the artist some time for reflection upon his work in general and its possible further developments. During his stay, he can analyse the evolution attained so far in his artistic inquiries, and experiment in new directions. Infrastructural details such as residence, laboratory facilities and other production tools needed for his project are made available. The results of his work are in no way subject to any particular demands, provided that they adhere to the normal limitations and regulations of society. On the contrary, projects performed within the frame of the grant are supposed to constitute an integral part of the artist’s production and aims.


About the Artist
JH Engström was born in Karlstad in 1969. He is a Swedish photographer and video artist, living and working between Paris and Smedsby (Värmland, Sweden). Engström first grew up in the remote province of Värmland in central Sweden until the family moved to Paris when he was 10 years old. An overwhelming change that prompted him early on to look at his own existence, forging a vision rooted in these contrasting living environments opposing the slow-time energy of the Swedish countryside to the exaltation of Parisian life. In 1993, he settled in Stockholm where he shared the lab with Anders Petersen, a leading figure with a determinant influence in the expressive dimension of his work. He applied these precepts at the Gothenburg University school of photography until 1997 before moving to New York between 1998 and 2000 where he spent time at Robert Frank’s studio.

About the Publisher

Journal was founded by Gösta Flemming in 1991 in Sweden with an aim to publish photobooks.

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