Dissolution Tatiana Lecomte Camera Austria German and English   Softcover Includes textual insights 108 pages 220 x 285 mm 2011 ISBN  9783900508876   Tatiana Lecomte’s photographic oeuvre is certainly among the most wilful and challenging from a younger generation of artists in Austria. She mainly makes use of found images or existing reproductions, which she… Continue reading Dissolution


Bifröst Espen R. Krukhaug Einer Books English   Hardcover 104 pages 300 x 300 mm 2011 ISBN 978299788212   “The series “Bifröst” explores the realm of insomnia, a condition endured by millions of people, including myself and the models featured in this book. Using our own experiences as a basis, we have tried to portray… Continue reading Bifröst

Bomber, A Chance Unwinding

Bomber, A Chance Unwinding Lewis Koch Text by Lewis Koch Softcover 40 pages 150 x 150 mm 2011   ‘Bomber, A Chance Unwinding’ bears witness to a remote mountaintop World War II bomber crash site, combining poetry and visual images collaged from archival film footage, maps, in situ color photographs and text. The book offers… Continue reading Bomber, A Chance Unwinding