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Budapest Hagnere
Hagnere Yoann and Viola Korosi


Hagnere Yoann and Viola Korosi
Ou est Passee la Journee d’hier


Edition 25 of 30
24 pages
205 x 145 mm
ISBN Not Available


A fiction that takes place in the streets of Budapest.

About the Artists
Yoann Hagéré (b. 1984, Rouen) is a French photographer who lives and works in Île-de-France. He uses a personal documentary style of photography in his work.

Viola Korosi (b. 1983, Budapest) is a Hungarian/French/Australian artist. Her family fled communism, living in Austria, Australia and Hong Kong before arriving to France in ’95. She recently became French but keeps her Hungarian and Australian nationality. She lives and works in Strasbourg (most of the time).

About the Publisher
Où est passée la Journée d’hier was a French publisher that distributed limited edition, self published, handmade photo books.

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