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Desire Lines / Olifantenpaadjes 
Jan Dirk van der Burg

Olifantenpaadjes (Desire Lines) Jan Dirk van der Burg

Olifantenpaadjes (Desire Lines) Jan Dirk van der BurgDesire Lines / Olifantenpaadjes
Jan Dirk van der Burg


164 pages
230 x 200 mm
ISBN 9789081760706


Splendidly laid pavements, traffic-safety barriers and idyllically organised pedestrian areas are avoided with sober insight. Desire Lines is tangible proof that people do not allow themselves to be straitjacketed in public space and that they only have one goal: to find the shortest way from A to B.

About the Artist
Jan Dirk van der Burg is a photographer and videographer. He also creates books. His most well-known work is the book of photographs Olifantenpaadjes / Desire Lines, both an optimistic indictment of an abuse of the landscape and an ode to the shortest way to get from A to B. He also compiles the best Twitter accounts in the Netherlands in autobiographical anthologies in the ongoing series Tweetbundels. His graduation project in 2004, a series about office culture, landed him in a photographic niche of public hearings, meetings and classes.

About the Publisher
d’jongehond is now Komma, a small publishing house based in The Netherlands which publishes books on art, photography and cookery.

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