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Foto.zine nr.4 #4
Eric Tabuchi

Foto.zine nr.4 #4
Eric Tabuchi


First Edition of 500
24 pages
195 x 140 mm
ISBN Not Available


Modernist churches in France and the wife’s butt.

About the Series
This series consists of 5 new foto zines for which Erik van der Weijde asked different photographers to contribute with a small series of their work. Each of the five issues is a mix of Van der Weijde’s work plus of one of the collaborating artists and all are conceived and designed by Erik van der Weijde.

About the Artist
Self-taught photographer and artist born in France during the second half of the last century with Danish and Japanese roots.

About the Publisher
4478ZINE believes that questioning social phenomena is a healthy habit.
They translate specific themes into cool and intelligent artist’s books, using bold production and challenging design. 4478ZINE publishes, promotes and sells all printed matter by Dutch artist Erik van der Weijde.
The different publishing projects range from zines to books and include collaborations with other publishers.
In 2014 they started publishing books by other artists.

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