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Photography and Ireland
Justin Carville

Photography and Ireland, Justin Carville

Photography and Ireland, Justin CarvilleExposures
Photography and Ireland
Justin Carville
Reaktion Books


216 pages
190 x 220 mm
ISBN 9781861898715

Outside of Ireland, ideas of Irish photography centre around picturesque tourist views of the emerald green of the Irish landscape and photojournalistic representations of The Troubles. Justin Carville sets out in Photography and Ireland to change this perception, to give attention instead to depictions of its social transformations, political upheavals, and geographical reimagining as a colony, nation, province, and sovereign state.
As Carville demonstrates, photography not only has documented these transformations but has also helped shape how Ireland is viewed, both by itself and the rest of the world. Photography and Ireland explores the role of the photographic image in the colonial and postcolonial visual cultures of Ireland from the nineteenth century to the present day, and it emphasises the transnational dimension of photography in Ireland, including foreign photographers who have contributed their images to the cultural imagination.
About the Series 
Reaktion Books’ Exposures series, edited by Peter Hamilton and Mark Haworth-Booth, is comprised of 13 volumes and counting, each less than 200 pages with 80 high-quality illustrations in color and black and white. Currently available titles include Photography and Australia, Photography and Spirit, Photography and CinemaPhotography and LiteraturePhotography and Flight, Photography and EgyptPhotography and SciencePhotography and Africa, Photography and Italy, Photography and the USA, Photography and Japan, Photography and Death, and Photography and Anthropology. Each volume is of interest on its own for the particular thematic intersection it explores and for its survey of pertinent examples and approaches to its theme, but, taken as a whole, the interest of this series resides less in photography itself as a historical issue, or in its various and sundry applications or “exposures,” and more so instead in the conjunction that joins the two categories together.
About the Artist
Dr. Justin Carville is a lecturer in Historical and Theoretical Studies in Photography at the National Film School, IADT. Widely published in Ireland and internationally, he has written over 100 reviews, exhibition catalogue essays, peer-reviewed journal papers, and essays for edited collections on the history of photography.  The focus of current research by Dr. Carville is on the relations between photography, ethnography and race in Ireland. Carville’s future research studies of vernacular photography and migration.

bout the Publisher
Reaktion Books is an independent publisher based in the UK since 1985, lists ranges widely across art and visual culture, Asian culture, biography, food history, general history, music, natural history, philosophy, politics and popular science.

More Information
Article about Carville’s book available to read here.

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