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1,000 Faces 0 Faces 1 Face
Gerardo Mosquera

1000 faces / 0 faces / 1 face

 1000 faces / 0 faces / 1 face1,000 Faces 0 Faces 1 Face
Gerardo Mosquera
La Fabrica
English and Spanish

144 Pages
265 x 205 mm
ISBN  9788415303152


1000 Faces/0 Faces/One Face unites two great contemporary artists who have interrogated constructions of identity with an entirely unknown late-nineteenth-century photographer named Frank Montero. Its thesis runs as follows: in Cindy Sherman’s manipulations of generic casting we encounter a face that produces all faces; in Thomas Ruff’s proliferating but depersonalized portraits, we all encounter all faces reduced to a zero degree; and in Montero, we encounter a face that plays the role of itself, throughout the inscriptions wrought upon it by time. Montero’s work, seemingly made without artistic intentions or ambitions, and published here for the first time, provides a sort of Rembrandt-like counterpoint to the identity arguments made by Ruff and Sherman’s work, and alongside them makes for the most fascinating panorama of the absolute constructedness of the photographic portrait and the eerie artifice of identity itself.

About the Artist
Gerardo Mosquera is an independent curator, art critic and historian, and writer, based in La Habana, Madrid and the world. Advisor to the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Holland, and other cultural institutions. Member of the boards of several international magazines and art centers. Co-founder of the La Habana Biennial and Co-curator of its three initial editions, he has been curator of the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, Artistic Director of PHotoEspaña, Madrid, and, recently, of the IV Poli/Gráfica Triennial of San Juan, the III Documents, Beijing, and the XXI Biennial of Art Paiz, Guatemala. He has organized other biennials and numerous international exhibitions around the world. His last exhibition, Useless. Machines for Dreaming, Thinking, and Seeing, is currently on display at The Bronx Museum, New York. He has published several books and more than 700 texts in other books, catalogs and magazines of various countries. Among other topics, he has reflected on issues of art, globalization and cultural dynamics, and on the notion of Latin American art. He has organized and participated in multiple international symposiums, and has given conferences and seminars in universities and other institutions in the five continents. He received the Guggenheim Scholarship, New York, in 1990.

About the Publisher
La Fábrica is the publishing area of La Fábrica, a private company of cultural management. They publish books and magazines focused on photography, art and literature as well as making books on behalf of private companies and public institutions.

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