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Menschen des 21. Jahrhundert
Thomas Bachler and Karen Weinert

Menschen des 21. Jahrhunderts

Menschen des 21. JahrhundertsMenschen des 21. Jahrhundert
Thomas Bachler and Karen Weinert
ex pose verlag

Text by Andreas Krase und Thomas Niemeyer


Edition 305 of 365
34 pages
180 x 220 mm
ISBN 9783925935671

Mass psychologist and senior clown – are these popular professions in our time? The ”staged portrait photos show people practicing professions that, at least by name, do not exist. Not yet, … because if you look at the pictures without further knowledge, the depicted and named activities seem … mostly credible….The series … draws a surprisingly precise picture of a reality that is currently being experienced by many.

Edition365 stands for new series of books, self-financed by the artists. All are of the same size and appearance, 32 pages and a print run of 365 numbered copies. The edition is meant to provide photographers and other artists with a place for smaller work, for work-in-progress, to function as an exhibition catalogue or simply as a give-away.

About the Artist
Thomas Bachler born in 1961, grew up in Detmold, North Rhine-Westphalia, studied at the Kunstakademie Kassel with Prof. Floris M. Neusüss from 1883 to 1989. Has lived in Dresden since 2004 as a freelance artist, photographer, author and lecturer.

Karen Weinert (*1976 in Dresden): after training in photography (with Werner Lieberknecht in Dresden), she studied visual communication (majoring in photography and art) at the Bauhaus University in Weimar (with Prof. Hermann Stamm & Pof. Elfi Fröhlich). at the HfBK Dresden (with Prof. Martin Honert) and curating at the University of the Arts in Zurich. Since 2004 freelance artist/photographer and exhibition designer in Dresden. From 2008-2010 lectureship at the Bauhaus University in Weimar. Organized Bautzner69/publish&print in Dresden together with Uwe Patzersince 2003 and violinist in the band Klezmart since 1995.

About the Publisher
ex pose verlag was established in Westberlin in 1986. They publish contemporary photographic work  especially focused on Eastern Europe.

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