A Cloud of Black Smoke

A Cloud of Black Smoke: Photographs From Turkey 1968-72 Halil Koyutürk Focuskop Fotoform English, Swedish and Turkish Text by Ertuğrul Kürkçü   Softcover 160 pages 280 x 210 mm 2007 ISBN: 9789163306549   “I received these photographs in the 30th anniversary of the 68 movement in Turkey. The photographs were hidden and saved by the members… Continue reading A Cloud of Black Smoke

Bomber, A Chance Unwinding

Bomber, A Chance Unwinding Lewis Koch Text by Lewis Koch Softcover 40 pages 150 x 150 mm 2011   ‘Bomber, A Chance Unwinding’ bears witness to a remote mountaintop World War II bomber crash site, combining poetry and visual images collaged from archival film footage, maps, in situ color photographs and text. The book offers… Continue reading Bomber, A Chance Unwinding

Special Treatment

Special Treatment Patricia Klich Self Published English, German and Polish Hardcover 74 pages 240 x 180 mm 2013 ISBN Not available     Special Treatment photobook functions as a deconstruction of Wanda Jakubowska’s narrative film, The Last Stage, which was made in Auschwitz in 1947. The film explores the experience of the camp from a female perspective,… Continue reading Special Treatment