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Special Treatment
Patricia Klich

Special Treatment, Patricia Klich

Special Treatment, Patricia KlichSpecial Treatment
Patricia Klich
English, German, Polish


Hardcover with CD.
74 pages
240 x 180 mm
ISBN Not Available


Special Treatment photobook functions as a deconstruction of Wanda Jakubowska’s narrative filmThe Last Stage, which was made in Auschwitz in 1947. The film explores the experience of the camp from a female perspective, through a number of key characters. Using stills and image fragments, the photobook is a commentary on images, their use and their power to tell a story, while emphasising the distorting aspect of fictional representation.
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About the Artist
Patricia Klich is a mixed media artist, professional filmmaker and videographer, photographer, costumer, and graphic designer, and holds a first class honours degree in Photography and Visual Arts from the Dublin Institute of Technology.

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