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In Pieces
Various Artists

In Pieces
Various Artists
Growing Pains
English, Dutch, Ukrainian


First Edition of 500
160 Pages
250 x 350 mm
ISBN 9789083363509


In Pieces is a collection of works by five artists affected by the war in Ukraine.
These works speak to the multiplicities and contradictions of living in a shattered present. In turn, the collected voices of these artists, drawing from their fragile present, create the world of this book.

Artists Sophia Bulgakova, Lia Dostlieva, Ola Lanko, Katia Motyleva, and Kateryna Snizhko – makers of Ukrainian origin, living and working in the Netherlands – have each developed new work specifically for this publication. Their projects were made with a child in mind. Some pieces directly address younger audiences or are inspired by children, others draw on the artist’s own memories and experiences. Our goal with In Pieces is to assemble a fragmentary – and certainly incomplete – mosaic of art that can offer a deeper understanding of the war and empower you to engage in conversations about what is happening, beyond the headlines and media images.

About the Publisher
Growing Pains is an Amsterdam based initiative working on the crossroads of visual arts, publishing, conversation, education and human connection that supports women and non-binary artists. The project navigates the space between artist books, photobooks and children’s books exploring alternative registers for difficult conversations. It was set up in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

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