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Signatures of War
Arthur Bondar

Signatures of War
Arthur Bondar


192 pages
200 x 260 mm
ISBN 9785990659209


This book is about people and their destinies. About destines that were changed by the II World War forever. These people have given best years of their lives to the War. They have gone trough the War, lost their friends and relatives and came back to their empty houses to start their lives from the very beginning. And they are definitely worth to be remembered as heroes.

These people are short-lived as a Polaroid film. And I have a great pleasure when I see how beautiful their eyes are sparkling when they tell me their short life stories, look at their photos, and sign them, leaving a trace and impression not only on the cover of the photo but also in my memory. And I see that all of them are still that young men and women that they were, because the soul has no age.

About the Artist
Arthur Bondar was born in the industrial city of Krivoy Rog, Ukraine. After studying in his own town he studied at the National Linguistic University and moved to Kiev in 2000, where he earned a bachelors degree in English philology. He explored several career paths before he found his way in photography. Bondar is now a freelance photographer, shooting his own documentary projects.

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