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Absence and Loss
Nigel Rolfe

Absence and Loss, Nigel Rolfe

Absence and Loss, Nigel RolfeAbsence and Loss
Nigel Rolfe
The Butler Gallery 


24 pages
170 x 120 mm
ISBN Not Available


This photobook was kindly donated by a private donor in August 2022.

‘These are all pictures of real places and people. Still and recorded as metaphors of memorial. They are abstract, out of definite focus but taken from living memory. There are four still lifes of metal bowls and two diptychs about culture and dance, but ten are crimes of war and terror and life crimes –  events often too hideous to remark on or to stay too long with. Difficult and unbearable subjects, but important in that they strike a nerve of something deeper, more widespread and universal. They are about the failure of culture itself. Most are all local to my direct experience, close to where I live or travel through regularly. They are known to me. They are political pictures. Dispossessed by democracy. Unwanted by liberal values.’ – Nigel Rolfe in Absence and Loss.

About the Artist
Nigel Rolfe is originally from the Isle of Wight in England, but moved to Dublin in 1975 where he continues to live and work. His art involves many mediums, including sound, film, photography, print and performance. He is also heavily involved in art education being a senior Course Tutor in Royal College of Art in London and Senior Critic in Universities in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, London, Chelsea and the National College of Art and Design, Dublin.

About the Publisher
Located in the heart of Kilkenny City, and established in 1943 by George Pennefather, Butler Gallery is a vibrant contemporary art gallery, in the historic Evans’ Home, and offers one of the finest exhibition spaces in Ireland. Butler Gallery is committed to exhibiting the work of Irish and emerging artists, to bringing the work of major international artists to Kilkenny and consistently seeks to promote high artistic standards and the value of visual art to society.

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