Energy / 氣

Energy / 氣 Lee Gab Chui / 이갑철 The Museum of Photography Seoul English and Korean Text by Park Pyungjong   Softcover 111 pages 220 x 240 mm 2007 ISBN 9788995568484   This is Lee Gab Chui’s most recent work following ‘Collision and Recoil’. Energy clearly shows the changes wrought upon the artist as he… Continue reading Energy / 氣


Dissolution Tatiana Lecomte Camera Austria German and English   Softcover Includes textual insights 108 pages 220 x 285 mm 2011 ISBN  9783900508876   Tatiana Lecomte’s photographic oeuvre is certainly among the most wilful and challenging from a younger generation of artists in Austria. She mainly makes use of found images or existing reproductions, which she… Continue reading Dissolution


Unseen Jessica Lange Silvana Editoriale Edited by Anne Morin Co-edited by diChroma Photography English Texts by Anne Morin   Hardcover 144 pages 280 x 230 mm 2015 ISBN 9788836630257   The Unknown is to writing as the invisible photography. The invisible, the unseen in the picture is a form of evidence, an ellipse, a failure,… Continue reading Unseen

Another Language

Another Language Mårten Lange MACK English Text by Aleksander von Humboldt   Hardcover 96 pages 140 x 210 mm 2012 ISBN 9781907946301   “A physical delineation of nature terminates at the point where the sphere of intellect begins, and a new world of mind is opened to our view. It marks the limit, but does… Continue reading Another Language

Der Aufrichtige Kapitalismus des Metallgorillas

Der Aufrichtige Kapitalismus des Metallgorillas Michael Arenz and Hansgert Lambers Expose Verlage German Text by Hermann Peter Piwitt   Softcover 136 pages 180 x 230 mm 2015 ISBN 9783925935763   Michael Arenz and Hansgert Lambers got together, and neither a book of poetry nor a photo book was created, but both! Words and photographs enter… Continue reading Der Aufrichtige Kapitalismus des Metallgorillas


Sentience Wojtek Kutyla Self Published English   Softcover 60 pages 152 x 177 mm 2015 ISBN 9788393466016   ‘Sentience documents two years of my exploration of emptiness, space and silence. All photographs in the book were taken intuitively, to mark passing moments and to preserve their delicate state. To memorize feelings in the context of… Continue reading Sentience

A Cloud of Black Smoke

A Cloud of Black Smoke: Photographs From Turkey 1968-72 Halil Koyutürk Focuskop Fotoform English, Swedish and Turkish Text by Ertuğrul Kürkçü   Softcover 160 pages 280 x 210 mm 2007 ISBN: 9789163306549   “I received these photographs in the 30th anniversary of the 68 movement in Turkey. The photographs were hidden and saved by the members… Continue reading A Cloud of Black Smoke


Gypsies Josef Koudelka Hasselblad Center English Essay by Rune Hassner   Softcover 32 pages 220 x 240mm 1992 ISBN Not Available   Josef Koudelka is one of the great photographers of our time. During his years of travel, he has described human conditions in many countries in his images, e.g. the everyday life of gypsies,… Continue reading Gypsies

Fotografier av årets Hasselbladspristagare

Fotografier av årets Hasselbladspristagare William Klein Hasselblad Center English and Swedish   Soft cover 24 pages 18.4 X 21.6 cm 1990   No description available About the artist William Klein (born April 19, 1928) is an American-born French photographer and filmmaker noted for his ironic approach to both media and his extensive use of unusual… Continue reading Fotografier av årets Hasselbladspristagare