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Diane Vincent

Oben, Diane Vincent

Oben, Diane VincentOben
Diane Vincent


48 pages
200 x 280 mm
ISBN Not Available


For several years Vincent climbed numerous rooftops to make pictures, over and over again. For a long time she didn’t know exactly why; she simply felt attached to these strange, unknown and obscure places.
Diane Vincent explores her city from a different angle and photographs architectural situations from up high. She is fascinated by the vastness and expanse as well as its limitation by moments of blocked sights. Eventually she compiles a personal map which mirrors an imaginary walk in another dimension of the city.

About the Artist
Diane Vincent is a Berlin based photographer. Growing up in East Germany, she trained at various music schools. Later she studied philosophy and cultural science in Berlin and Paris and finally devoted herself fully to photography. She focuses on portraiture, urban landscapes and documentary.

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