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The Mennonites
Larry Towell

The Mennonites, Larry Towell

The Mennonites, Larry TowellThe Mennonites
Larry Towell


288 pages
250 x 185 mm
ISBN 9781910401538


Larry Towell first encountered the Mennonites near his home in Ontario, Canada, and his friendship with them gained him unique access to their communities. Rather than compromise their way of life, Mennonites have continually been forced to migrate around the world to maintain their freedom to live as they choose. Towell photographed Mennonites in Canada and Mexico for over ten years, and his own texts tell in detail his experiences with their communities: the harshness and poverty of their rural existence, the disciplines and contradictions of their religion, their hunger for land and work, and the constant struggle to keep the modern world at bay. This second edition, reedited and re-sequenced includes forty new images from the photographer’s archive.

About the Author
Larry Towell was born in rural Ontario, Canada, in 1953. A stint of volunteer work in Calcutta in 1976 provoked him to begin to photograph and write about power and landlessness. In the 1980’s he photographed the Nicaraguan Contra war and the relatives of the disappeared in Guatemala. In 1996, he completed a ten-year reportage on El Salvador which was followed by two books on the Palestinians and then a long-term project documenting Mennonite migrant workers in Mexico and Canada (2000, re-released 2022). Afghanistan was published in 2014 and will be followed in 2023 by The History War (Ukraine). He has received numerous prizes, including the World Press Photo of the Year, the Oskar Barnack, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Eugene Smith, and Nadar Awards among others.

About the Publisher
Founded in 2012, GOST Books is an independent visual arts and photography publisher based in London. They pride themselves on an uncategorisable output of diverse subject matter and design: from a chronicle of seven men claiming to be the Messiah; a study of Turkish soap operas; art works inspired by the largest breeding grounds for flamingos in the Southern Hemisphere; archive photographs from the Mexico City police department; to portraits of winners of state-run competitions in Belarus. GOST aims to not only provide a platform for the work of emerging artists but contribute to print legacies of masters in the medium.